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Event Date:August 17-18, 2019
City: Cumberland, MD







2019 Schedule

8/17/19 @ Shoppes at Canal Place

  • 4:00-7:00pm 25K/5K packet pickup and late registration
  • 4:00-7:00pm Sweet Pea Shuffle

8/18/19 @ Canal Place

  • 5:50-6:00am Buses depart for Frostburg from Canal Place
  • 7:00am 25K race start
  • 7:00-7:45am Late packet pickup & registration for 5K
  • 8:00am 5K race start
  • 8:30am Post-race buffet opens
  • 10:00am Awards ceremony begins
  • 11:00am Course officially closes

Course Details - 25K

Howard's 25K Run is a point-to-point race beginning at the Frostburg trailhead of the Great Allegany Passage and finishing at the zero marker in front of the Western Maryland Station. The distance is 25 kilometers or approximately 15.54 miles. The course is exclusively on the Great Allegany Passage and there will be mile markers at each mile of the course for the race.

To qualify as completing the course, participants must finish within a 4 hour time limit. That is approximately a 15:26 pace, so someone that would be run/walking the course would probably complete it successfully. Even walking the entire course, it could feasibly be completed at a very brisk walking pace.

Six aid stations will be in place to serve runners water and Gatorade. They will be located at Trimble Ln (3 miles), Woodcock Hollow Rd (6 miles), the course halfway point (approximately 7.77 miles), Cash Valley Rd (10 miles), Dakota St/Ave (13 miles), and Valley St (15 miles). We do encourage runners with more significant hydration needs to carry additional supplies on person. We will guarantee the distance to be accurately measured, however it is NOT USATF certified and will not qualify for official records as recognized by that body.

Portapots/johns: Portapots are located along the course at the race start in Frostburg, the intersection at Woodcock Hollow Rd, the intersection at Cash Valley Rd, and near the final aid station at Valley St. Public restrooms will be available that morning adjacent to the Crabby Pig Restaurant at the Shops at Canal Place.

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Course Videos!

To give you a better idea of the feel of the course, we've videoed it in sections. Most of the videos are a around 20 minutes each with a couple that are much shorter. There are listed here sequentially so you can view them in order to get a complete preview.

Race Statistics

Howard's 25K Course Records

Male - Woody Snoberger 1:30:09

Female -Heather Parks 1:47:16

Paws 5K Course Records 

Male - Garrett Ferguson 18:19

Female - Gracie Healey 22:21

2018 Top Finishers - 25K
Top 5 Male Finishers
  1. Woody Snoberger 1:30:09
  2. Steve Hammel 1:32:13
  3. Adam Lowe 1:33:32
  4. Robbie Jenkins 1:34:54
  5. Mikhail Petrovskikh 1:43:57
Top 5 Female Finishers
  1. Heather Parks 1:47:16
  2. Megan Kenney 1:56:19
  3. Emily Harsh 2:04:22
  4. Barbara Lyons 2:05:02
  5. Shannon Haley 2:05:06
2018 Top Finishers - 5K
Top 5 Male Finishers
  1. Garrett Ferguson 18:19
  2. Jordan Cook 21:01
  3. Neal Riemenschneider 22:44
  4. Frank Fox 24:22
  5. Patrick Yoder 24:45
Top 5 Female Finishers
  1. Hannah Muir 23:17
  2. Elizabeth Green 25:07
  3. Kellyann Green 27:17
  4. Tracy Knotts-Irving 28:03
  5. Emily Engnoth 28:10