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Event Date: August 19-20, 2017
City: Cumberland, MD


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2017 Schedule

8/18/17 @ Downtown Cumberland

  • 5:00-10:00pm Hogs on the Mall
  • 6:30-9:00pm Bands on the Bricks f/Butterscotch Blonde
  • 8:00-11:55pm Get Out the Funk! at Embassy Theatre
  • 10:00pm-1:00am Jaded at Uncle Jacks

8/19/17 @ Crabby Pig

  • 4:00-7:00pm 25K/5K packet pickup and late registration
  • 5:00-7:00pm Pasta dinner
  • 4:00-7:00pm Sweet Pea Shuffle

8/20/17 @ Canal Place

  • 5:00-6:00am Late packet pickup for 25K
  • 6:00-6:10am Buses depart for Frostburg from Canal Place
  • 7:00am 25K race start
  • 7:00-7:45am Late packet pickup for 5K
  • 8:00am 5K race start
  • 8:30am Post-race buffet opens
  • 10:00am Awards ceremony begins
  • 11:00am Course officially closes

Registered 25K Participants Potomac Farms Paws on the Pavement 5K (sortable columns)

This is the current list of participants as of the date listed. If you have registered via Runsignup or mail-in application and do not see your name on the list below, please contact our race directors by emailing us or use the website contact form.

F Name L Name Age Gender City State
  Patty Wright 55 F Barton MD
  Doug Sullivan 55 M Washington DC
  Amy Weaver 37 F Rawlings MD
  Christina Spiker 48 F Cumberland MD
  Amanda Roth 38 F Cumberland MD
  Tom Corris 64 M Washington DC
  Kirstin Corris 46 F Washington DC
  Megan Fuller 38 F Romney WV
  Jeana Barnes 31 F Romney WV
  Lori Bennett 44 F Frostburg MD
  Raquel Brandon 25 F Frostburg MD
  Nancy Goodman 64 F Cockeysville MD
  Patti Trbovich 59 F Cumberland MD
  Steve Stevenson 57 M Cumberland MD
  Nancy Bensley 63 F Frostburg MD
  Tina Garber 32 F Erie PA
  Katelin Zaluski 33 F Cumberland MD
  Paul Breiten 42 M Cumberland MD
  Mark Harbaugh 37 M Cumberland MD
  Kari Harbaugh 35 F Cumberland MD
  Trey Stewart 30 M Romney WV
  Therese Bennett 46 F Cumberland MD
  Jake Click 53 M Cumberland MD
  Nancy Langis 80 F Cumberland MD
  Megan Mertz 25 F LaVale MD
  Dave Gilles 58 M Cumberland MD
  Mary Anne Gilles 57 F Cumberland MD
  Gary Miller 55 M Cumberland MD
  Christine Miller 46 F Cumberland MD
  Heather Reeder 42 F Buffalo Mills PA
  Maycee Reeder 15 F Buffalo Mills PA
  Molly Reeder 16 F Buffalo Mills PA
  Linsey Imler 16 F Schellsburg PA
  Chris Imler 42 F Schellsburg PA
  Karen Wilson 28 F Frostburg MD
  Wanda Hunt 53 F LaVale MD
  Meadow Wagus 8 F LaVale MD
  Callie Pudlak 9 F Swanton MD
  Lori Aldridge 46 F LaVale MD
  Trenton Steadman 17 M LaVale MD
  Tyler Cooper 25 M Oldtown MD
  Simon Hawes 43 M Westernport MD
  Tara Robertson F Cumberland MD
  Sandye Roberts 46 F Cumberland MD
  Nic Sines 21 M Cumberland MD
  Chris Sines 29 M Cumberland MD
  Kendra Cleaver 22 F Mount Savage MD
  Karan ┬áJones 57 F Mount Savage MD
  Shannon Lewis 37 F Frostburg MD
  Mila Lewis 12 F Frostburg MD
  Charity Taylor 43 F Cumberland MD
  Shelley Sweitzer 44 F Cumberland MD
  Kerry Shoemaker-Davis 49 F Cumberland MD
  Ruthie Folk 52 F Cumberland MD
  Paula Joe 45 F Oldtown MD
  Jason Clark 45 M Cumberland MD
  Beth Pick 32 F Mt Savage MD
  Rebecca Pein 38 F Frostburg MD
  Kenzie Pein 11 F Frostburg MD
  Rebecca Sleeman 36 F Salisbury PA
  Dawn Tyler 42 F Ridgeley WV
  Mark Tyler 47 M Ridgeley WV
  Marni Hochard 36 F Cumberland MD
  Dave Lowery 50 M Cumberland MD
  Sharon Kyle 74 F Cumberland MD
  Patty Collison 55 F Cumberland MD
  Tina Rafferty 45 F Cumberland MD
  Neil Hayden 30 M Pittsburgh PA
  Gentry Shockey 13 M Slanesville WV
  Olivia Campbell 13 F Cumberland MD
  Drew Robertson 17 M Cumberland MD
  Amber Wagus 26 F LaVale MD
  Cecilia Schartiger 31 F Cumberland MD
  Nicole Lafferty 32 F Buffalo Mills PA
  Todd Mullaney 30 M Cumberland MD
  Neil Buckel 27 M Grantsville MD
  Denise Shoemaker 50 F Hyndman PA
  Gloria Eisel 65 F Frostburg MD


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